The Position of a Christian Scientist

Many years ago Mrs. Eddy wrote in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 113), "The letter of Science plentifully reaches humanity to-day, but its spirit comes only in small degrees." The student of Christian Science well realizes the truth of this statement. It was the healing and regeneration of humanity which our Leader eagerly watched for; it is this demonstration—the signs following an understanding of the truth—which the earnest student is striving above everything else to bring forth today. "The letter of Science plentifully reaches humanity to-day." The Christian Scientist is zealous regarding the letter reaching humanity; but he is far more concerned that the spirit of Science should be coming to him and to others in an ever increasing measure, for he knows that in this way only can one be of any real value to the Cause of Christian Science and to humanity through this Cause.

Our Leader has shown the most practical ways through which this truth can touch the heart of humanity today. She has opened certain mighty passageways through which the church activities are to function. Each worker frequently ponders his Church Manual, which teaches him about the practical healing influence of these activities. He is unceasingly grateful for this great Manual, and he studies this unique volume because of its application to The Mother Church and its branches, and to the individual student. He realizes, however, that the greatest and most far-reaching work for the Cause which our Leader gave her earthly days to establish is the work of healing and regenerating mankind.

September 2, 1933

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