Success at School and College

[Written Especially for Young People]

THERE is no phase of school or college life to which Christian Science is not applicable. There is no problem to which it does not present a complete, happy, harmonious solution. There is no situation in which it does not prove itself a powerful and helpful friend. These are sweeping statements, but they should not be regarded as too broad or as theoretical. Nor would they, if a material sense of things had not traditionally deceived us into accepting narrow and limited views of man's true nature and capabilities. Christian Science shows us how to look through and beyond this false and limited sense. It reveals man as the full and perfect expression of infinite Mind. It enables us to realize that God is our Father and Mother, and that He is unlimited, is everywhere, is all-powerful, and all-knowing. Let us then accept man as His exact image or idea. The conclusion must be drawn that man is capable of unlimited achievement. On this divine basis his accomplishments will be found much greater than people are accustomed to believe possible.

Some understanding of these great facts has produced far-reaching results in the writer's experience. As a university freshman, facing his final examinations at the end of the first semester, he carefully parceled out his time for a systematic review of his various studies. Apparently he needed an especially thorough review of the semester's work in French. Then something occurred which cut in half the time he had allowed for this preparation. At first he was tempted to be dismayed, but quickly realized that he had an adequate means of meeting the circumstance. He therefore took a substantial fraction of the time at his disposal for studying Christian Science, including the definitions of the words "intelligence" and "Mind" in the Glossary of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy (pp. 588, 591). He also studied the answers to the questions, "What is intelligence?" and "What is Mind?" (Science and Health, pp. 469-471). From these and other references in the textbook he gained a better understanding of the true source of mental power. Then with confidence he applied himself to his academic studies, and the results were most gratifying. He easily passed all his tests. In French, he found that he had been guided in his partial review to study the subject matter of every question found in the examination, and was given the highest mark.

May 27, 1933

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