Here and Now

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE teaches the ever-presence and availability of infinite good. It teaches how an understanding of this availability may be acquired by all. Perhaps one of the greatest impediments to the demonstration of this Science is the mortal tendency to look to the future or to dwell on the past. In the absolute truth there is naught but the ever present now.

In "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 469) Mrs. Eddy's statement, "If Life ever had a beginning, it would also have an ending," makes clear the fact that for every object in His creation to have either a beginning or an ending would necessarily place a limitation on God. Since God is infinite, all good, all Life, Truth, and Love, man as His reflection is cognizant of nothing but His qualities and His attributes. The belief in a past or a future is but an error of human consciousness, which an understanding of Truth must eradicate. It belongs to the false or counterfeit mind, the last vestige of which must disappear, that divine Mind's reflection alone may be seen as real.

Giving versus Withholding
May 27, 1933

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