The Right Side

[Written Especially for Young People]

A Student of Christian Science was one day bicycling along a main road when she heard a heavy motor lorry coming up from the rear. As she heard it coming nearer and nearer, it seemed as though in another moment it would knock her down. But she knew that since she was on the right side of the road the lorry, however near it seemed, would pass by and leave her unscathed. So instead of becoming frightened and turning her head to watch the motor lorry she kept steadily on, because she knew that if she looked back she might swerve from the right side of the road.

So it is in our lives as students of Christian Science. Sometimes error may seem to be overtaking us, and may tempt us by the weight of its false evidence, which would lead us to believe that it has power to harm. But we must not be made afraid by its seeming reality. At all times we can remember that, as there is a rule of the road, so is there the law of harmony, which, because it is divine and not human, is absolutely inviolable, so that if we are on the right side—God's side—nothing evil can possibly touch us. Remembering this, we shall not be afraid or swerve from God's side, and the belief of error which seemed so threatening will pass into its nothingness, leaving us untouched.

Close to Thee, O God
November 11, 1933

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