Knowing and Being

True knowing reflects eternal being, since as it is stated by Mrs. Eddy in "No and Yes" (p. 16), "For God to know, is to be; that is, what He knows must truly and eternally exist." It is by means of this knowledge that Christ Jesus brought healing, regeneration, and innumerable blessings to humanity, and that Christian Science is carrying on the same healing ministry. It is, therefore, to the acquiring of this true knowledge and to its proof in destroying sin, disease, and death that all mankind should whole-heartedly devote itself.

A contrast, indeed, to the anguish of false believing is the simple blessedness of true knowing. With profound gratitude Christian Scientists echo the words of John, "We know that the Son of God is come, and hath given us an understanding, that we may know him that is true, and we are in him that is true." This knowing, then, gives practical evidence of sonship, for only that which reflects God knows God or is real. In proportion to his fidelity and his spiritual understanding, the Christian Scientist brings into manifestation the manifold fruits of Spirit, among which are health, intelligence, purity, joy, and the quality of efficiency. These ever present impartations of divine Mind may be cognized and expressed by all, and it is through growing in the knowledge of spiritual being that the beliefs of the flesh can be scientifically outgrown. One seeming to be afflicted with disease takes fresh courage as he realizes that only that which is known to God, Life, reflects life. For this reason, disease is lifeless, without origin, being, or means of expression through man, who expresses the perfection of God's being. And the belief in disease is mindless, for it is not found in Mind or Mind's reflection. Hence fear is unknowable because it is excluded from Mind's omniscience.

Item of Interest
Item of Interest
November 11, 1933

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