I am deeply grateful for all the blessings that the teachings...

I am deeply grateful for all the blessings that the teachings of Christian Science have brought into my daily experience. What a joy and what a privilege it is to work out one's own salvation in the light of these teachings. Christian Science has delivered me from sin, disease, and disaster not once or twice but many times. Some of these difficulties have been healed instantaneously, others have been very severe testing times, but I would not be without one of these experiences, for each one has served to teach me a very valuable lesson.

I have been healed of heart disease, from which I suffered for many years; I could not walk very far, and many times on the street my husband had to help me; but Christian Science healed me instantaneously of this condition. One night I awakened in acute agony. I immediately turned to God and realized His great love and omnipresence, and in a very short time I fell asleep; but on awaking the next morning I was taken aback to find that I could not move. One limb was drawn up and locked against the other. I quickly realized that the same Love and power that removed the agony in the night could remove this manifestation of error. I had an appointment at eleven o'clock that morning, but the thought came to me that man is always about his Father's business and that my business then was to rejoice in the power and omnipresence of God, good. My heart went out in gratitude to God for all the healings I had seen and those I had read about in the Christian Science periodicals, and for what this teaching was doing for humanity. I felt a sense of warmth and strength returning to the body, and within an hour I was completely healed and able to keep my appointment in town. I have also been healed of pneumonia, pleurisy, deafness, results of accidents, and many other conditions.

Testimony of Healing
With humility and a grateful heart I want to acknowledge...
November 11, 1933

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