The Light of Spiritual Sense

An aircraft beacon, seventy-five feet high, was to be placed atop a tall building; but the task seemed impossible, as there was at hand no adequate means of raising the giant steel girders. Refusing to believe it could not be done, and realizing that vast accomplishments may start in minute gains, the builders dismounted a small derrick and took it up to the roof, piece by piece, on a small elevator. When reassembled, the little derrick served to bring up the parts of a larger one; and this, in turn, was used to lift a third, still larger. Only after the sixth derrick had thus been put into place was it possible to lift the great girders from the ground. Completed, the beacon's guiding light shone forth to aid and guard a needful service.

Spiritual sense is the beacon light of Christian Science. It is that true comprehension of God and His spiritual creation which is to be progressively acquired only through intelligent prayer and constant right living. Just as in the building of the aircraft beacon, meek beginnings and persevering effort are indispensable to this attainment. Our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, aptly states in "Miscellaneous Writings" (p. 259), "The spiritual elevator of the human race, physically, morally, and Christianly, is the truism that Truth demonstrates good, and is natural; while error, or evil, is really non-existent, and must have produced its own illusion,—for it belongs not to nature nor to God."

The Larger View
June 25, 1932

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