[Original testimony in French]

Being deeply grateful for all the blessings which I have...

Being deeply grateful for all the blessings which I have received in Christian Science, I wish to give my testimony. Brought up in the Protestant religion, I followed it as conscientiously as possible. I loved God sincerely, and I loved to obey His law. And yet, how many times I felt sad at seeing so much evil around me; for I loved good, and already in my heart I gave more reality and power to it than to evil. I was at this point in my reasoning when a friend, who knew my thought, received a copy of the French Herald. She brought it to me. After reading the first pages I was convinced, and how I desired to own "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy! With the aid of this friend I procured it. As soon as I read its contents, I accepted the truth, already loving Mrs. Eddy for the beautiful discovery which she had given to the world; and in an outburst of gratitude for having the happiness of knowing these things I said, "Father, I too acknowledge Thy perfect creation; help me to live Thy life." I was also happy to know that neither sickness no error of any kind comes from God; therefore, I no longer accepted them. But without meaning to do so I took a wrong course, for I rejected evil of my own self, through human will. Then came darkness, my reason became shattered; I no longer understood, but believed myself abandoned by God—I who had loved good so much! My suffering lasted a long time, but with the help of a practitioner I finally acquired an understanding of Life, Truth, and Love as taught us in Christian Science.

A few days before my healing great weakness came over me, and I no longer wished to strive to understand. I wrote to the practitioner that I would work later. But I was then awakened by Truth, and I understood that divine law does not permit procrastination; for only the present belongs to us. I arose at once, understanding the meaning of those words on page 420 of Science and Health: "There is no metastasis, no stoppage of harmonious action, no paralysis." And now I continued to progress.

April 18, 1931

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