"Such as I have give I thee"

One rainy Saturday afternoon a stranger entering a Christian Science Reading Room proceeded to make known his needs to the one in charge. It appeared that he was in search of health, in need of work—in short he was destitute, without money even to pay for a night's lodging.

The stranger's question, "Have you work I could do?" followed by the explanation that he was homeless and weakened, prompted the listener to pause carefully and to consider if in some manner aid could not be offered him. Temptation arose at the thought that it was raining, and late in the afternoon, and that he seemed scarcely able to work. Quickly, however, a prayer went forth for guidance as to the necessary steps, and now to take them through full trust in the Father's care for His own. Gently the answer unfolded. In reality, right there, an abundance of good could be offered by acquainting the stranger, perhaps for the first time in his wearied experience, with the love of the ever present Father-Mother God, who had never beheld any confused, feeble, and distorted picture of man.

April 18, 1931

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