"Your joy no man taketh from you"

"Your joy no man taketh from you," Jesus told his disciples; and we who accept his words as applicable to his followers in every age can prove that joy and every other spiritual quality are exempt from robbery by mortal belief calling itself either person, place, or thing.

Sitting beside a clear, rushing mountain stream, a Christian Scientist was striving to apply this thought to the work demanded of her by family, by social obligations, and by the selfishness and inconsideration of others—in the guise of legitimate claims—which seemed to be robbing her, when her attention was focused on a heap of small stones in the center of the stream. They represented not one large obstruction, but many petty almost insignificant oppositions which must be overcome. The water, however, was just as clear and sparkling as it worked its way between and around these small obstructions as when it flowed in wide, clear channels. Patiently and determinedly the stream went about its right activity in the face of these seemingly unnecessary difficulties, just as though they did not exist.

April 18, 1931

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