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Among the innumerable qualities of divine Mind, order certainly is one of vast importance, as evidenced by the splendid effects resulting from its activity. Indeed, it would be impossible to conceive of the perfection of the spiritual universe without this quality, which is the very basis of equilibrium and harmony.

Without order, all would be bewilderment, confusion—chaos. In working from this point of view, we can completely turn from our finite sense of things and affirm that in divine Life everything is in its place, each idea having its activity clearly determined and being provided with all that is necessary to fulfill it. If, therefore, in human experience there arises the question of a change of place, of the finding of a position, of daily work, of the government of a home or of a nation, of the organizing of a branch church, of a reconciliation, realization of order immediately lifts thought to Truth, wherein all is in harmony, all is scientifically established, rhythmic, regulated by perfect equilibrium and unerring wisdom. Thus does thought enter into direct unity with divine Principle and receive its blessings. And the more we ourselves are consciously at-one with God through obedience to the law of universal Love, the more we are prepared to receive the benefits of divine law and order, which blesses impartially all of Mind's ideas.

March 28, 1931

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