One day several years ago, when confronted by a baffling and disturbing problem, the writer turned to The Christian Science Monitor and read a narrative, the lesson of which proved most helpful.

It was the simple story of a mother eagle which had been captured and chained to a tree. As time passed, she seemed to become resigned to her fate, and spent most of her time walking around the tree at the extreme length of the chain. After two years the owner decided to give the eagle her freedom, and the chain was taken from her foot. At first she kept on in her beaten path around the tree. Gradually, however, she began slowly and cautiously to step away from the path; the huge wings were stretched, and soon, prompted by an innate instinct, came the desire for flight. But the long bondage had had its effect, for after rising a few feet from the ground she faltered and fell. With renewed hope and energy she tried again, and this time rose higher, only to come back to earth. Undiscouraged, undaunted, again and again she tried, each time rising higher, until at last she soared up and away to her mountain home.

Meeting and Greeting
January 3, 1931

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