[Written for the Sentinel]

"He that overcometh"

As Jesus fasted in the wildernessAnd prayed for strength, the tempter came to himPrepared to overcome the pure in heart,And murmured, knowing him to be an hungered:If it be true thou art the Son of God,Command these stones that they be turned to bread,For truly thou hast fasted long enough.

But Jesus mused, knowing the tempter's voice,And said man shall not live by bread aloneBut by God's Word. Then Satan could not answer,But took him up into the holy city,And from the temple's mighty pinnacleLooked, crying: If thou be the Son of God,Cast thyself down; for hath it not been said,He gives His angels charge to keep thee safeAnd bear thee always, lest at any timeThou dash thy foot against a cruel stone?But Jesus, knowing well whereof he spoke,Answered him in like manner: It is writtenOf old, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.

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