Above the Clouds

What a glorious day has dawned for mankind in the revelation which discloses the true nature of God and man! Through this revelation, presented to the world in Christian Science, appears the fact of man's spiritual and perfect being, wherein is no element of error, or evil — nothing that "defileth, . . . or maketh a lie." Until the true nature of God and man is disclosed, mortal thought, dreaming as it does of the pleasure or the pain of life in matter, does not fully realize the limited sense which this error imposes. Spiritual facts alone enlighten the understanding, and expose and blot out the limitations of the mortal dream, or mortal mind.

As one on a cloudy day looks up to the darkened sky, which to the limited mortal vision appears to be the boundary of the heavens, so mortal thought, steeped in material beliefs, sees the dark clouds of pain where it looks for happiness, disappointment where it seeks satisfaction, and mistakes these for truths of being. Our Leader says of this limited mortal perception (Miscellaneous Writings, p. 247), "That which is temporary seems, to the common estimate, solid and substantial." Limited mortal vision fails to realize that, just as beyond the clouded sky the sun is resplendent, so, above the mist of belief of life in matter, Spirit is radiantly illuming the universe. Human experience, the product of material thinking, seems very real to mankind, and the faint hope of future betterment in another world does little to solace the thought yearning for light, or to dispel the darkness and uncertainty of mortal belief.

Returning to the Father
March 1, 1930

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