My first healing in Christian Science occurred about...

My first healing in Christian Science occurred about sixteen years ago through absent treatments given by a practitioner whom I did not meet until some time later. Before having these treatments I had tried practically every material remedy. The physician first consulted diagnosed the ailment as sciatic rheumatism in a severe and chronic form, and frankly stated that there was no cure for it, saying that he could outline a course of treatment which, with a rigid diet, might result in reducing the severity of the pain, but that was all. I took this treatment for some time, but without benefit. Thereafter I tried various other material remedies, with like result, until I became convinced that my condition was incurable, even as I had been told.

While I speak of the healing of this ailment first, my first healing really was of bitterness and resentment towards Christian Science. My wife, who was a student, had frequently asked me to give it a trial, but I had always before this refused, generally with some slighting or contemptuous remark about it. In fact, the mere mention of Christian Science had always seemed to anger me. This time the thought came to me that I might try it once and thus satisfy my wife; so I told her that if she thought it would do her any good she could go ahead. I did not know then that the impatient and grudging consent I gave was not really to satisfy my wife, which was the excuse mortal mind suggested, but was to enable me to receive help, and that I was able to give it only because the truth, with which I had daily come in contact, had broken down the opposition in my consciousness. This I now consider was my first healing.

Testimony of Healing
I am indeed grateful for Christian Science
February 22, 1930

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