Expectancy of Good

Would it not be wonderful if everybody always anticipated good, always expected good, always felt certain that good alone was in store for him or her? Mortals, however, are almost afraid to allow themselves to ask such a question. And why? Because so frequently they seem to experience what is the very opposite of good. The average mortal, believing as he does so strongly in the reality of evil, is apt to regard the question as chimerical, and therefore as undeserving of serious consideration. He will admit that good is desirable, but his conviction is firm that evil is as real as good and that, consequently, he is not justified in expecting good continually.

But the subject is not a ridiculous one, although many may refuse to consider it. For are there not those who believe that they will ultimately attain to a state of perpetual bliss, a state in which good alone shall be experienced? They may not, however, be disposed to think it possible that the good which they believe the future has in store for them can be expected now as a constant experience, the reason being that they too are the victims of the fallacy that evil is as real as good.

November 22, 1930

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