"Walk in love"

"Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children," writes Paul to the Ephesians; "and walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us." Could advice be more Christian? Every Christian takes it to himself, because he knows that it is entirely in agreement with the beloved Master's teaching. But is every Christian following it? On thinking of our relations with our fellow Christians, can we honestly say that our thoughts towards them are always loving and solicitous of their well-being? Can we honestly say that even towards those whom we may feel are not too friendly towards us we have naught but good thoughts, kind thoughts, loving thoughts?

Christian Science lays great stress on the necessity of Christian Scientists' being loving towards their fellow-men. It teaches, as the Bible teaches, that God is Love; and that actually only Love's creation—that which is lovable and lovely—is real. And from this basis it logically proceeds to declare that there is no reality in anything which appears to be the opposite of Love and Love's creation, no reality in aught that is unlovely and unlovable. Get this absolutely scientific point of view, and one sees how absurd, how futile, how unchristian, it is to hold any but loving thoughts towards mankind.

The ideal to the Christian Scientist is Christ Jesus, the great Way-shower whom Paul sets before us as our example in love. Mrs. Eddy writes of Jesus on page 54 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "Out of the amplitude of his pure affection he defined Love." Can it be said of us that the affection we are manifesting in our lives is testifying to the fact that the Principle of our being is Love? Every Christian Scientist has constantly to be asking himself this question; for more than any other religionist on earth the Christian Scientist is declaring the allness of God, as Love, and that only the manifestation of God—Love—is real

"There is lifting up"
January 5, 1929

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