"To have and to hold"

To those of us who are striving to prove that God is the only power, the words "to have and to hold" have a large significance. They are not exactly synonymous terms. Webster informs us that "to have" is a general term meaning to accept, acquire, get, or obtain; that "to hold" is a stronger term, since it implies occupancy or retention. "To have" is essential; but "to hold" to that which we have or acquire, is the only absolute guaranty of spiritual growth, and calls for the putting forth of a conscious, constant effort on our part.

When one takes up the study of Christian Science wholeheartedly, one finds that he has come into possession of something which he never had before. He has at least a glimpse of the glorious possibilities which are his as the son and heir of God. Thought is made holier, healthier, and happier. In fact, he has found that "grain of Christian Science" which our Leader says, in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 449), "does wonders for mortals." Right at this step on our way, we as students must be very careful to put to the best possible use that which we have, that we may hold to and continually augment our store of spiritual understanding. God does not exempt a single Christian Scientist from practicing the truth. Of the little we have, we must give if we would grow. A hymn makes this very clear:

What the Lens of Science Reveals
September 1, 1928

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