Healing through Divine Mind

Mrs. Eddy makes a noteworthy statement on the position of the Christian Scientist when she writes on page 182 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "The act of healing the sick through divine Mind alone, of casting out error with Truth, shows your position as a Christian Scientist." How well the student recognizes the fact! In the days before he knew of Christian Science with its marvelous revelation of divine Mind, in all probability he used drugs or other material means to bring about healing—and sometimes he had great faith in his choice; but after the divine revelation came to him, and he saw that the only power so-called matter could seem to possess was the fictitious power with which mortal mind endowed it, he turned to divine Mind, striving to place full reliance upon it, assured that it was the only real healing power.

The central teaching of Christian Science is the allness of God. Unless this be admitted, no one can understand the method of Christian Science healing. But once it is admitted, once it is perceived to be true, then the way out of every difficulty becomes plain. What is the line of reasoning? It is very simple. God, divine Mind, is infinite. Divine Mind is therefore the only real power in existence; which is the same as saying that divine Mind is omnipotent. The so-called human mind may believe as it may, the fact remains that Mind is infinite and the only real power.

"Formulas Forbidden"
July 7, 1928

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