Man's Birthright of Dominion

When men seem to be suffering, when they appear to be the victims of disease, when they apparently fall before the suggestions of evil and become evil's prey, often they are pathetically helpless, seemingly devoid of the power to free themselves in the least degree. And as men are viewed under these conditions, how lacking in dominion they appear to be! On the other hand, when one considers what men have done, their conquests over the great oceans, over the land on which they dwell, over the air, and their innumerable victories over the mysteries of nature as commonly understood, is one not justified in regarding them as conquerors, those whose dominion has been indubitably established in many and in great ways?

Men viewed from the human standpoint have been either the helpless victims of circumstances over which they believed they had little or no control, or victors who have overcome conditions which formerly it may have seemed impossible to surmount. A strange mixture, human existence, an enigma indeed to mortal sense! Why the seeming helplessness alongside of the power of conquest? Why the seeming feebleness in the face of disease, or lack, or sin, when men are able to perform herculean tasks unharmed when duty calls them to action? Must the questions remain unanswered; or is there a solution of the mysterious contradictions of human life?

True Hope
May 26, 1928

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