For All Mankind

The student of Mrs. Eddy's writings is impressed with her firm conviction that all mankind is destined to be saved; that all mortals must eventually experience salvation. In her concept of salvation as universal—for all—she followed precisely in the footsteps of the Master. Christ Jesus foresaw that his gospel of salvation would ultimately reach to the farthest confines of earth, healing and redeeming all ready and receptive; and that all mortals, whether on this plane or another, would ultimately awake to man's true selfhood, this spiritual state. In the closing hours of his earthly experience, he admonished his disciples, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." And the passage immediately following indicates that this preaching would heal and regenerate all who should believe on him; and consequently, belief on him as Saviour and Messiah would save all so believing.

The task of spreading abroad the teachings of Christ Jesus, Paul took up and carried on with unfailing devotion, until Christianity was implanted throughout the extent of the far-flung Roman empire, the great world power of that day. During the intervening centuries, by missionaries of the various denominations, Christianity has been carried throughout the earth; and it may be safely said that the progress of civilization has been commensurate with the acceptance of the spirit of the Master's teachings. It must be recognized, however, that as formalism and dogma—the letter of Christianity—have hidden the gracious spirit of Jesus' precepts, the efforts to propagate Christianity have been less fruitful, until in some countries progress in the spreading of the gospel seems almost to have ceased; and the extraordinary quickening influence of primitive Christianity, which carried untold thousands to martyrdom in the early centuries, has been superseded by the letter of ritual and creed until the healing grace of the Christ, Truth, seems to have been lost.

Man's Birthright of Dominion
May 26, 1928

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