"Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors"

When the argument of hard times or lack confronts the Christian Scientist, he begins to realize the utter falsity of the argument by turning to the contemplation of spiritual fact, fact which reveals God as the ever present source of abundance, and man as continually surrounded by and living in the fullness of God's protection, love, and goodness.

"Hard times" is a favorite argument of the error called lack; and the inability to meet obligations promptly is commonly attributed to this so-called condition. The result is that one may think he cannot pay because someone else has failed to pay him; and so on through an almost endless chain of evidence presented as facts in a seemingly reasonable and undeniable way, thereby establishing a firm belief that times are not prosperous, and that men are the victims of this condition.

This false evidence, if believed and accepted as fact, is a denial of the allness of God, and results in failure to recognize the ever present continual abundance of true spiritual supply, forever available to man from God, without lapse and without limit. Therefore, one cannot remain a victim of this false belief longer than he credits the falsity with power, reality, or existence; as something to be experienced either by himself or by others.

Christianly Scientific Practice
October 20, 1928

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