The Father's Arms

A little girl who lived in the country was searching for her father. She heard his answer to her call, and following the sound of his voice came to an open trap door in the floor of the big barn. Standing near the edge of the opening she called again and heard the tones of his loved voice telling her to jump, for he would catch her. She hesitated, saying, "But, daddy, it's all dark down there and I can't see you!" The loving assurance came back in response: "Father can see you, and is standing waiting with open arms. Jump, daughter." The child obeyed, and was immediately clasped in his strong embrace and then tenderly lowered to the floor.

Pondering this incident we are led to contemplate the ever-readiness of our heavenly Father to enfold us in His loving care. His Word assures us that "underneath are the everlasting arms." Becoming as little children, trustfully reaching out for His protection, we prove the availability of His power.

The Kingdom of Heaven
September 3, 1927

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