"Spiritual uplift"

In the testimonies given at the Wednesday evening meetings in Christian Science churches and in those appearing in the Christian Science periodicals, gratitude is often expressed for the "spiritual uplift" even more than for the physical healing which has been experienced through the study and application of Mrs. Eddy's teachings. The expression, it seems, has been so often used as to have become somewhat stereotyped, and is no doubt often voiced without a full realization of its meaning. The testifier is fully aware of a change, perhaps a great change, in his mentality, resulting from the touch of the healing Christ, and he calls it "spiritual uplift."

The question arises, especially with the newcomer to Science, Just what, precisely, does this mean? What is spiritual uplift? It is the exalted sense resulting from gaining some measure of the Mind of Christ—the state of thought which comes from transforming consciousness, perhaps only slightly, from a material to a spiritual basis. It is the changing of our thinking from material belief to spiritual fact, thereby exalting, uplifting, consciousness. The wondrous possibilities of this spiritual uplift are well illustrated by words of Peter as recorded in the book of Acts. When the apostles had been imprisoned and were brought before the council of the Sanhedrin, in reply to the accusation that, contrary to orders, the disciples had spread the doctrines of the Master, Peter replying said, "Him [Jesus] hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins." And he further declared that the disciples had witnessed these things and moreover that the Holy Ghost had been given "to them that obey him." Here was practical proof in marvelous terms of the great exaltation, of the unprecedented spiritual uplift, which had come to Christ Jesus himself and also to his disciples who were receptive to the Christ, Truth, and the Holy Ghost, sent of God. How great heights of spiritual attainment may be gained by all through uplifting thought, through laying hold of spiritual truth, of the great facts of being, of God's infinite presence and power!

Christlike Humility
September 3, 1927

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