In a recent issue a paragraph appeared headed "Psychotherapy."...


In a recent issue a paragraph appeared headed "Psychotherapy." Therein it was stated that suggestion was practiced by a very large number of people. "This depended for its efficacy," it goes on to say, "to a large extent on the personality of the person employing it, in the form of a nicely colored bottle of medicine, a dose of Couéism, or a dose of Christian Science." Now, one of the most frequent mistakes made by critics is the assumption that the cures in Christian Science are accomplished by suggestion. No such method is ever employed by Christian Scientists, however: they are not believers in the power of the so-called human mind as a healing agency. The healing in Christian Science takes place as it is realized that sin, disease, and death have no place in God's plan for His children. In apprehending His supremacy, goodness, and omnipresence, and the unchanging reality of the perfection of His works, these evils proportionately begin to disappear. Christian Scientists understand that Christ Jesus upheld unswervingly the facts of existence, and that thus he delivered mankind from the bondage of evil, denouncing it as "a liar, and the father of it." In endeavoring to learn more of the everlasting verities of God and His creation, which the Saviour brought to light, they are proving that Truth, when understood, is mighty to dispel sin, sickness, and death in fulfillment of his sacred promise, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

February 5, 1927

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