Demonstration Which Is Revelation

The teachings of Christian Science are predicated upon the fundamental facts that God is infinite, All; that His creation consists of spiritual ideas, and is eternally perfect, complete. How mistaken, then, is the notion that there is something more to be done; that there are mistakes to be rectified, improvements to be brought about in God's infinitude of perfect ideas. Probably no mistake in the practice of Christian Science is more often made than the error of holding to the notion that the practitioner has something to do, to rectify something which is not as it should be. This error arises from lack of comprehension of the very fundamentals of Mrs. Eddy's teachings.

Consideration of the facts of being convinces one that the need is not to do something to something, but rather that the truth about God and His perfect ideas be revealed; that truth become our consciousness, comprise our thinking. To a sufferer who believes his condition to be real, this may seem absurd; but once he glimpses the fact that God's ideas now exist at the standpoint of perfection, in the dawning light of understanding the seeming inharmonious conditions will lose somewhat of their claim to reality. Mrs. Eddy most positively states the case. "Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised," she declares on page 174 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." Then arises the question, How is Truth to be practiced? The Christian Science textbook answers this question categorically and completely.

True Sympathy
February 5, 1927

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