"Our proportionate admission"

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE has revealed to its students that God is infinite, immeasurable, all-knowing, ever present, all-governing and omnipotent Mind, and that this Mind is the source, basis, origin, and cause of all true or real existence. From this divine Mind proceed all true activity, government, control, and real knowledge. This Mind creates nothing unlike itself, because, being wholly good, it cannot manifest itself in any other way than by expressing itself in accordance with its own perfect nature. Divine Mind has only one way of manifesting itself, and that is through its ideas. The ideas of perfect Mind must of necessity partake of the nature of their cause, and be characterized by wholeness, completeness, harmony, eternality. They must be coexistent with their creator, by whom they are sustained, upheld, governed, and forever perpetuated in their pristine purity and divine loveliness. As these divine ideas fill our consciousness, our experience must be one of continuous peace and unalloyed joy.

Christian Science has also brought an inestimable blessing to its students by making known the counterfeit or illusory nature of so-called mortal existence, showing it to be the very opposite of the divine or spiritual facts of being. This Science gives us a perfect standard whereby to differentiate between the real and the unreal, and thus attain the real. It shows us clearly how the spiritual idea, as manifested in right thinking, always brings harmony, while material beliefs inevitably result in discord.

Christmas Thoughts
December 24, 1927

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