A printer's error in spelling the word "devil" with a...

Bath & Wilts Chronicle & Herald

A printer's error in spelling the word "devil" with a capital D in my last letter may account for the impression of your correspondent, "Distressed," that Christian Science "admits that the devil is a person." A further reference to my letter published in your recent issue would explain the Christian Science position on the subject of devil, which we understand to be synonymous with evil. Christian Scientists recognize the right of every man and every sect to their own interpretations of Scripture, and they ask that this right be equally accorded to them. An unbiased study of Christian Science would give no cause for the belief of your correspondent that this religion "belittles the need for Christ's sacrifice." Rather, it is the better understanding of this and of the healing and redemptive mission of Christ Jesus which is enabling Christian Scientists to fulfill to a marked degree the commands of our Lord and Master to heal the sick as well as reform the sinner. There should indeed be nothing "heart-breaking" in this.

December 24, 1927

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