There have been many physical healings received by me...

There have been many physical healings received by me since I began the study of Christian Science, and I am deeply grateful for them; but that for which I am most grateful, and which I can never cease to rejoice in, is the knowledge of the truth, the scientific understanding of God and spiritual man, made in His image and likeness, that is revealed to us through our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. First and foremost of my blessings I count the healing of ingratitude. This did not come at once, for it seemed to me I had nothing to be grateful for. I had been an invalid for over twenty years, having been for three years of that period quite prostrate in bed; and seemingly I had missed all the joys and pleasures that a young girl usually enjoys. I was full of self-pity and commiseration until a dear practitioner most lovingly pointed out that I had to learn to rejoice "all the rugged way," as Mrs. Eddy tells us (Poems, p. 14), and count and be grateful for the blessings already possessed. Looking back now, I am most grateful for this lesson, which was so needed. From that time on steady progress has been made; and spiritual understanding is replacing the old, false, sick beliefs of a mortal and helping me to gain dominion over the body. The first physical healing that came to me was an instantaneous one from defective sight. It took place while I was reading our textbook, and before I knew much of anything of the teachings of Christian Science. I had read about three pages of that beautiful chapter on Prayer when I found that the glasses which I was wearing were troubling me. I could not see with them, and was obliged to take them off. On doing so I found that I could see to read perfectly well without them—my sight was healed. I have had no need of them since that day. Some little time after, on two occasions on account of war work I was undertaking, I had to have my eyes examined, and I passed every test they put before me most successfully. My sight was perfect, and has never been any trouble since. After three years of study of Christian Science I was passed by four doctors as fit for active service in France with the Women's Army, and this war work taught me many lessons which I have since been very grateful for.

Attacks of pleurisy, pneumonia, bronchitis, influenza, neuritis in the arms, a weak spine, have all been met and overcome by the truth; also a persistent and very acute form of neuralgia in my head and eyes. The latter was very slow in yielding, several years elapsing before complete freedom came. The healing of an internal trouble has meant so much freedom from bondage to pain and sickness that I feel I can never be grateful enough for this one healing alone. Christian Science is the greatest comfort and help to me in my daily life; it means just everything to me, and I feel that I can never express sufficient gratitude for all the loving help given me by practitioners and kind friends.

Testimony of Healing
Several years ago I had an experience which helped much...
January 8, 1927

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