Church Officers

Men have generally held officership as something eminently desirable. Because it has been invested with authority and honor, they have looked upon it as able to confer certain powers not obtainable in less prominent places. Positions have often attracted men because of the worldly prestige associated with them, because they are frequently accompanied with personal privilege, personal advantage, personal gain. All this is consideration of the subject from a merely human standpoint—from the standpoint of merely selfish desires and purposes.

There are many positions in the gift of the world which are filled to-day by men who are working in them for the good of others—by men who recognize that no one should ever accept the position of an officer without recognizing that in so doing he is taking upon himself the responsibility of service. Nevertheless, comparatively few have understood how to guard themselves sufficiently against the usual mesmeric beliefs in regard to officialdom to allow unselfish service, and that alone, to control their aims and activities.

Just Appreciation
January 8, 1927

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