Late in the summer of 1921, I became very ill with an...

Late in the summer of 1921, I became very ill with an infected foot. A Christian Science practitioner was called, and work was begun at once; but I grew much worse. After three weeks' treatment I dismissed this practitioner, and called another. This time I became so much better that I thought I was healed, so discontinued treatment. But in about ten days the difficulty returned, and in a much worse form. My husband, who is not a Scientist, insisted on calling a physician, saying that I had tried Christian Science and it did not heal me, so now I was to try his way. The physician would not diagnose my case without a blood test, so this test was taken and sent away. In three days we had a telegraphic report saying that an abscess had formed in the abdomen and that a state of blood poisoning existed. This diagnosis was very alarming. I took his treatment, which he was sure would cure me, an hour each day for a week. At the end of that time I was much worse. He said I either had to submit to the use of strong medicine and go to the hospital and have an operation performed, or die in a short time. I refused to do either; and he dismissed me.

Thus to be free to go back to Christian Science was a proof to me of divine Love's protection. That same day I wrote to a practitioner in a distant city—whom I never knew or saw, an entire stranger to me—asking him if he would take my case. He immediately replied that he would. In a few days I called him over the long distance telephone; and after talking to him he told me I was listening to fear, and that I should realize that "now is the day of salvation"—that I was God's perfect child now, not would be, some time in the future. I realized then and there that I had been bound by fear, and from that time on I began to improve. It is needless to say that a complete healing took place in a very short time. I am very grateful for this experience, as I went through a purifying process mentally which otherwise I might not have experienced.

Testimony of Healing
There have been many physical healings received by me...
January 8, 1927

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