Several years ago I had an experience which helped much...

Several years ago I had an experience which helped much in bringing me into Christian Science. I awoke one morning with a severe case of conjunctivitis. It was a day for which much had been planned, and I was bitterly disappointed when I found that I could not open my eyes. My daughter took my hand and led me to the office of a specialist, who diagnosed the ailment, and after giving me an eyecup and some medicine told me that could he have acted sooner he might have stopped the disease, but that now it must run its course. After reaching home, and while sitting dejectedly with the medicine in my hand, an elder sister, who was a Christian Scientist, came to me and said, "Oh, if you only knew, you could have help and have it now!" I well remember how enraged I felt when she said those words, the idea seemed so foolish and impossible; yet a small voice persisted in whispering to me, "What a chance to try it!"

Finally I looked up and said, "I'll try it." "Very well," said my sister, "of course, you know that you must throw away the eye medicine." That came to me as a severe blow, but after a long, wistful look at what I deemed to be my only material hope, I did as she requested. "Now," said she, "you must call up a practitioner." Listlessly I obeyed her; and as I turned away from the telephone the great change came! As light floods the room when the electric switch is turned on, so my troubles fled from my consciousness. I did not look at my eyes again that day, but my healing came at half past nine in the morning, and at two o'clock in the afternoon friends told me that there was no sign of inflammation about the meantime I had donned a uniform and marched several miles in a parade, reading music and playing as usual. The parade ended in a large park, and soon the same specialist who had examined my eyes accosted me; as he did so he whistled softly and muttered under his breath, "I had no reason to expect that medicine would work so quickly!"

Testimony of Healing
It is with a grateful heart that I write this testimony of...
January 8, 1927

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