God's building"

In writing to the early Christians at Corinth, Paul makes the statement, "Ye are God's building." The apostle uses this simile of a building or temple many times in his letters to the churches, as when he says in the same epistle, "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God?"

Let us consider for a moment what it means to be "God's building," and what the relation is between an architect and his work. A building is always an expression of the knowledge and ability of the architect, showing forth to the world how much of beauty and strength he has been able to grasp and realize. It cannot go beyond or fall below the level of his knowledge. The work of a great architect is never weak in construction or faulty in line. A ramshackle structure which begins to deteriorate almost as soon as it is completed, can be the work only of one who is incompetent in his profession; while the lofty cathedral, which through the ages soars in majestic beauty against the sky, proclaims the hand of the master builder.

Love's Omnipresence
January 8, 1927

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