[Written for the Sentinel]

Love's Omnipresence

There is nor time nor place where Love is not.Unchanged for aye this simple, mighty truth,In spite of evil's boasting, vaunting claimTo realness, and to presence, and to power.For God is Love, and God is All-in-all,And from Love's presence naught but good can come;While man, the child of Love, can ne'er receiveAught but the good that comes to him from God.

Oh, Love's immensity does fill all space!Then wherefore stand dismayed at evil's claims,Be they of lack, of sickness, sin, or death?Whatever guise assumed, they are but lies;And, seen as lies, must surely fade awayInto the nothingness from whence they came.Since everything God made was "very good,"Then what Love did not make can ne'er be true.

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