God Guides

To let God lead us, knowing He will lead to the right place at the right time, and in the best way,—to let Him lead us under all circumstances,—would save many trying experiences. We have become so accustomed to doing what we call our own thinking, as well as our own planning, that very often we leave God out entirely, so far as we are concerned. We may argue: This is too trivial a thing to go to God with; and if we do go, how can we know He is leading us? Or it may be we are so determined on carrying out our own plans that we fear they may be thwarted in some mysterious way if we turn to Him.

And so this so-called mind opposed to God argues. We forget that nothing is too trivial for the God who notes a sparrow's fall; that Moses and the Israelites were led to the promised land, directly or indirectly, as they put self-will, rebellion, human planning, and such beliefs aside. And we also forget that God withholds no good from His children; nor does He limit us in the good we may receive. The denial of what we may have considered good has often proved a blessing to us, and we have found something better awaiting us.

The Wednesday Evening Testimony Meetings
August 14, 1926

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