Christian Love

A HEARTSICK , hungry world eagerly awaits the word of understanding; it yearns for the support of compassionate love. Shall we, like the priest and the Levite, pass by on the other side, ignoring the silent pleading? Or shall we, forgetting prejudices and selfish ambitions, stop by the roadside and minister to the weary and heartsick? We who have named the name of Christian Scientist have no choice but to obey the command of our beloved Master, "that ye love one another," knowing as we do that without this love the letter of our religion becomes but a hollow mockery.

We have no excuse for forgetting the spirit of Christian Science—this glorious vision of "on earth peace, good will toward men," this healing panacea for every ill, whose heart and soul is Love. Possibly it is our haste to bridge the distance between old mortal beliefs and complete spiritualization of thought that makes us neglect the humbler steps of intermediate growth, thus forfeiting the friendly common touch. But we need never be so immersed in the letter or so impatient of spiritual progress that we overlook our brother in his human need or dismiss him with cold theories. No one of us has advanced so far that we can be at our best without the tender expressions of Christian love in our daily lives. And if we as Christian Scientists need this encouragement and affection, how much more does our brother whose eyes may see only dimly, if at all, the all-embracing Christ, Truth!

The Highway of Thought
August 14, 1926

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