In his article, "Our Best Friends and Worst Enemies,"...


In his article, "Our Best Friends and Worst Enemies," in a recent issue of the News, Dr. Crane said much that is true. Thought is indeed responsible for more of life's experiences than most people realize. But when he mentions Christian Science as he does, making out its results to be largely dependent on our control of our thoughts, and then says, "The Coué system rests upon the same basis," his readers are likely to receive an altogether mistaken impression. Both these systems of healing employ mental processes, but fundamentally they differ as greatly as black and white, or darkness and light. The Coué system of autosuggestion operates through the instrumentality of the human mind, which Paul called the "carnal mind," and which he characterized as "enmity against God," good. This so-called mind of mortals is responsible for all human ills. It is the source of the harmful kind of thinking to which Dr. Crane refers.

Altogether opposite to that sort of mental activity is Christian Science, which employs nothing less and nothing other than the one and only real "Mind" which is God—that Mind "which was also in Christ Jesus"—the source of all permanent good, and of nothing but good. The practice of Christian Science is therefore a cultivation of Godlike thinking—thoughts that produce conditions of health and harmony, thereby proving themselves to be "our best friends."

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