Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication for the Year Ended September 30, 1925

Preparation of this report brings to remembrance loving deeds cementing friendships, healings of misdirected phases of public thought, sectarian intolerance quieted, medical aggression silenced, constituted rights preserved, and religious freedom strengthened. Christian Scientists in Illinois have cause to rejoice because our branch churches and societies are banded together in unified support of this office, operating under the protecting wing of The Mother Church. An abundant growth in membership and increased attendance at our church services and lectures have been recorded during the past year. ... An extended measure of help rendered to Christian Scientists in all parts of the state, during the period covered by this report, would indicate an awakened realization that this office impartially serves The Mother Church and its branches throughout Illinois. ...

When it is considered that approximately eighteen hundred periodicals, including some eight hundred daily and weekly newspapers, are published in Illinois, it is most gratifying to consider how comparatively few misrepresentations concerning Christian Science or Christian Scientists gained the columns of the public press during the past year. Articles in newspapers needing correction from this office almost without exception were gleaned from contributors' columns which may not be closely edited. Editors of newspapers continue to grant us the courtesy of their columns when requested. Many editors now refuse copy of a controversial nature, and we are advised that any objectionable allusion to our religion reaching such well-guarded pages does so because of ignorance or oversight on the part of the newspaper employees. An editor of a great daily censured himself because he ignorantly allowed one misrepresentation of Christian Science to creep into his newspaper, and he gravely assured us that eternal vigilance will be the price of his contrition! ... The advertising department of two of the largest daily newspapers firmly refuse advertising matter issued by false claimants of Christian Science.

God's Plan
November 28, 1925

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