It is desirable to follow those admonitions regarding to-day which tend to righteousness; for each day's work is truly successful proportionately as it is imbued with the divine attributes of honesty, justice, wisdom, and love. The Bible, as interpreted by Christian Science, teaches that to-day, as always, the parent Mind, God, and His offspring, man, coexist and coact in perpetual harmony. Each day Jesus demonstrated this divine relationship, and invitingly promised others that they could follow his method. The intervening generations have left many signs showing that humanity has believed in God's goodness, but has lacked somewhat the understanding of how to claim it. This need is supplied today in Christian Science.

Some individuals who trust God daily do not realize that from this trust there should come definite results, which, to be experienced, must be claimed. One may have rich, exhaustless treasures; but unless these are claimed, and made of practical use, they are valueless to the owner. His lack is due to the fact that he does not claim his own. It is similar with the individual who is not experiencing daily his divine right to health, happiness, and the unfolding of good in his experiences, since God's goodness is free and exhaustless. The Holy Bible admonishes that we "forget not all his benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases." Daily, through gaining and applying the correct understanding of God and man, mortals may increasingly lay hold of man's divine right to freedom and success.

November 21, 1925

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