Words are indeed inadequate to express my gratitude...

Words are indeed inadequate to express my gratitude for Christian Science. It was my privilege to be born of parents who were earnestly looking into this religion, and who had experienced much of its healing benefits. From the very first I was taught to rely absolutely on the Bible and our textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for help at all times. Many false views of life and unscientific modes of thinking, as well as various physical ills, presented themselves, and most of them were very quickly overcome through Christian Science. I have never known the taste of medicine or the professional visit of a medical practitioner.

One phase of fear, however, in spite of all the loving and faithful work of the members of my family and of Christian Science practitioners, failed to yield, and seemed about to wreck my life. When I was quite a child I was placed under the care of an excellent piano teacher, and it was soon noticed that much good was expressed by me (unconsciously to myself for the most part); but fear claimed to have great power through a belief in what was called "musical temperament." I believed in this lie of mortal mind for many years, but I struggled on, always encouraged by the thought held out by my music teachers, that no one could get along without this temperament if one would really accomplish anything in the musical world, and that it was just in so far as one learned to curb and control it that one would succeed. Throughout this period I remained true to what I knew of Christian Science, and many times the demonstration seemed almost complete; but it was not until I became fully conscious of the fact as all-important that God is the source of all that expresses good, that I realized final deliverance.

January 10, 1925

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