Signs of the Times

[From an editorial in the News-Index, Evanston, Illinois, Oct. 25, 1924]

We have buildings many, some of them the most magnificent man can erect, dedicated as places of worship. One day of each week is sacredly set apart as the time during which we have special opportunity to worship. We worship as individuals, privately. We worship as families in our homes. We worship in the great congregations. We have postures of the body that we call worshipful, forms of speech that we call worshipful, specific music that we call worshipful. All these have import, but in themselves they are not worship. Worship is something other and more than any or all of these. Real worship, while related to these things, is largely independent of prescribed places, set times, and ordered rituals. It is related to life in all its phases. No part of life is separated from it. Worship is an attitude of the soul toward God. And that attitude is not to be assumed and laid aside like Sunday clothes. As we are told to pray without ceasing, so we are to worship without ceasing.

January 10, 1925

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