A testimony is that which bears evidence to a certain fact. Any one who is acquainted with the fact in question is qualified to testify truthfully. It is not necessary for him to know everything in regard to a subject in order to give evidence. All he needs to do is to state what he knows, whether as a beneficiary, participant, or simply as a witness, in regard to that whereof he speaks. All that is necessary is that he shall bear witness to a certain event, act, or occurrence. In law a person is in duty bound to state what he knows, should this be required in the furtherance of justice, though the evidence he gives may appear to himself or some others of little worth.

A witness is defined as "one who is cognizant; a person who beholds, or otherwise has personal knowledge of anything; as, an eyewitness;" also, as "one who testifies in a cause, or gives evidence." When we have sure knowledge, or have beheld or experienced a certain event or fact, we are qualified to speak in regard to it.

"Abide in me"
January 10, 1925

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