In the section entitled "Church News and Views" there...


In the section entitled "Church News and Views" there appeared a quotation from a British novelist in regard to Christian unity. This author's willingness to allow each one the privilege of practicing the religion of his choice is to some extent worthy and commendable. There was a reference to Christian Scientists, however, which was not only incorrect, but offensive. The objectionable passage I refer to is that in which the writer spoke of "Christian Scientists with their belief in the Great Divine Ignorance." If the passage had read that Christian Scientists believe in divine intelligence, there would have been no occasion to object to it. As it stands, the writer's statement is more than an aspersion on Christian Scientists. To refer to Deity as "Divine Ignorance" is blasphemy. Christian Science believe in the one divine intelligence, God. They do more than believe. Through the teaching of Christian Science they understand God better than before they studied this teaching. In view of the fact that the author referred to is apparently pleading for Christian unity, it is reasonable to wish that she had stated the attitude of Christian Scientists fairly and correctly, for simple fairness goes a long way toward promoting mutual understanding.

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