"By the word of their testimony"

The mission of our Wednesday evening testimony meetings—to aid in the destruction of evil, sin, sickness, and death—becomes more clearly apparent to us when we realize that it is our privilege and duty to do our share in this great and holy work. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, has given us a By-law in the Manual of The Mother Church (p. 47), under the heading, "Testimonials," a portion of which reads, "Testimony in regard to the healing of the sick is highly important." When we stop to consider that a certain time is allotted for this purpose at every Wednesday evening meeting, we can see the importance which Mrs. Eddy attached to this part of Christian Science work.

As church members we have very definite work before us. On page 15 of her Message to The Mother Church for 1901 Mrs. Eddy has made this plain in these words: "The Christian Scientist has enlisted to lessen sin, disease, and death, and he overcomes them through Christ, Truth, teaching him that they cannot overcome us." This overcoming is the work we all are undertaking. And much more is required before the end of all error. Bearing witness to the truth is part of this work; hence the By-law, which is quite definite as to how testimony should be given, so as best to accomplish its purposes. The By-law goes on to say, "This testimony, however, shall not include a description of symptoms or of suffering, though the generic name of the disease may be indicated."

September 20, 1924

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