Recently the words, "Humility aids discernment," brought about such an awakened thought to the writer that it resulted in a healing. On considering humility and the quickened intelligence resulting from the truly humble consciousness, one fact became clear, that one's increased efficiency is in proportion to his acknowledgment of God as the only Mind or intelligence, and of himself as the reflection or expression of this Mind. We learn in Christian Science that so-called mortal mind never produces a real effect, and that its seeming activities are powerless before the consciousness of good. Humility is one of the attributes of this consciousness.

A dictionary definition of humility is "freedom from pride and arrogance." Thus, freedom is the natural concomitant of true meekness, which brings with it a quickened perception. The humility which led Solomon to ask God for "an understanding heart" resulted in the discernment and wisdom upon which his subjects came to lean gratefully, and for which the ages have done him homage.

God's Glory
July 5, 1924

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