Extracts from Reports of Christian Science Committees on Publication for the Year Ended September 30, 1923

During the past year, in comparison with some other years, an increased number of corrective replies were necessary. This resulted from the ever increasing interest in and efforts to accomplish mental or spiritual healing by those who fail to discriminate between the unlabored energies of the divine Mind, God, as revealed in Christian Science, and the suggestive seeming phenomena of the human, carnal mind, "which is enmity against God." References to Christian Science were mostly ignorant, not malicious, even in the denominational press. The opportunity thus given to correct and heal this awakened thought was fully utilized. The daily papers, recognizing the growing interest in this subject, printed the Committee's replies as news items, giving them greater prominence than if they had appeared under "Letters to the Editor." There is a general growing respect for Christian Science on the part of the secular and religious editors, as evidenced in the pleasant, and even cordial, relations existing with this office.

The past year has brought to a successful consummation the conscientious work over a period of years of the different Committees on Publication for the Province of Ontario to protect the rights of Christian Science from restrictive medical legislation. On May 4 the Ontario Legislature became the second in the British Empire to make legal, by an amendment to the Ontario Medical Act, healing the sick by prayer or spiritual means. This clause reads: "Nothing in this Act contained shall apply to or affect persons treating human ailments by prayer or spiritual means, as an enjoyment or exercise of religious freedom."

The Wayside
July 5, 1924

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