God's Government

It is interesting and inspiring to trace the thought of God's government throughout the Bible. We have in the record of spiritual creation, in the first chapter of Genesis, the first command of God, "Let there be light: and there was light;" and with this light, or understanding, God's creation was revealed as perfect and complete, expressing only good. We find God speaking and revealing His law in all ages to those whose thought is pure enough to receive it. The patriarchs talked with God. At other times He revealed His purpose to them in various ways that they could understand. Moses, the Hebrew leader, frequently communed with God throughout his life; and it is recorded of him at the close of his earthly mission that "his eye was not dim, nor his natural force abated." This, obviously, was the result of his communion with God. To Moses were revealed the Ten Commandments, which to-day form the basis of the governments of the most enlightened nations and the foundation of their just laws.

The children of Israel, when obeying the Ten Commandments, were directly governed by God; and this form of government continued up to the time of Samuel. Through the thoughts of the prophets, the men of God, the more enlightened method of human procedure was from time to time revealed to the children of Israel. Samuel was the last of these seers before the advent of the kings.

Light in Our Dwelling
August 11, 1923

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