Responsibility of Testimony

IT has often been observed that Christian Scientists are a peculiar people! This is due, in part, to their logical attempt to apply the Scriptures to the practical affairs of life, but chiefly to the more remarkable fact that nearly all of them have personally experienced the benefits and blessings they proclaim. For this reason they have gone up and down the world speaking as those "having authority." This vivid sense of knowledge at first hand has been the most convincing testimony offered the world since our Savior walked the hills of Galilee. Human intelligence has patiently followed many theories and doctrines submitted for the benefit of humanity; but, like the pagan poet in his search for truth, it has gone out by the door through which it entered. It is only when the message reaches the vital need of mankind that the truth receives adequate attention. Herein, then, is the burden of testimony,—that it be sincere and adaptable, and that it set forth a practicable and attainable ideal.

Testimony, to be of value, must obtain credence. A moving tale of escape from calamity, or of healing from sickness, is of little value unless the hearer believes in the sincerity of the narrator. But there is a blessed necessity that what is true for one man is true for all men; so, when a man knows how the needs of another are justly met, he naturally desires to come in and "sup with him." There is, therefore, a constant demand that those who testify to the truth and the works of Christian Science shall demonstrate their knowledge in abundant goodness, since "by their fruits ye shall know them."

"With patience"
April 28, 1923

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