Individual Responsibility

Inasmuch as a church organization is an aggregation of individuals, it necessarily follows that the spiritual status and progressive aspects of the organization are dependent upon the collective spiritualized consciousness of the church body as a whole. A moment's consideration of this fact impels the inference that each and every member has a direct and individual responsibility, duty, and privilege in establishing and upholding the ideals of that organization.

The Christian Science church organization is composed of those individual members of society who, through the redemptive and healing ministrations of the Christ, Truth, have been, in differing degrees, delivered from certain traits of carnal-mindedness, lifted, perhaps, out of poverty or limitation, or healed of disease. They come from many different nationalities, from nearly every state of society, with varying degrees of education and a wide variety of culture, traditions, temperamental tendencies, as well as ideals, not only of religion, but of practically all other human endeavor. And no member is satisfied with the good he has demonstrated, but wishes to be better. He is also actuated by the desire, if he has given as careful consideration to the Manual of The Mother Church as he should, to take an intelligent, active part in the organization, with all that that implies.

The Practitioner's Opportunity
December 15, 1923

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