Our Rich Legacy

FREQUENTLY joy and gratitude are expressed by some one who has been left a rich material legacy. Do we realize that we all have been left a far richer legacy, one which is greater than all the material wealth in the world? What could be more satisfying than the beauty of holiness, the possession of God's spiritual attributes, such as goodness, kindness, humility, wisdom, intelligence, health, and happiness? Mrs. Eddy says in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 303), in speaking of Jesus' life-work, "He left his legacy of truth to mankind." This "legacy of truth," which Jesus left us, belongs equally to all; for "God is no respecter of persons." We can never receive the benefits of this divine inheritance, however, even in the slightest degree, until we claim it and make it our own by demonstration. Of what possible use would a legacy be were it never used in any way?

Many times, when one has experienced a healing in Christian Science, he rejoices that he has found the God who is Love, who frees him from care and worry; and he often feels as if his troubles were over forever. This exalted state of consciousness goes on for a time, until he finds himself again confronted by obstacles and problems that seem almost insurmountable; and he wonders what he has done to bring about such conditions. He temporarily loses his sense of joy and freedom, because he allows himself to become discouraged, failing to realize that his mental state is exactly what so-called mortal mind claims to produce in its endeavor to turn him aside from the good he has gained. After suffering a sufficient length of time, he begins to see that he has been handled by wrong thinking; in other words, he has consented to the false belief in a mind apart from God, good. Then, if he is wise, he immediately reverses his thoughts of discouragement and fear, turns to God for renewed courage and strength, and works patiently and earnestly to the best of his understanding, until he gains a higher realization of freedom and joy than ever before.

December 1, 1923

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